Monday, 21 October 2013

Elections, Ghurkas and Go-Karting

We had a quiet week a couple of weeks back here at FIRS HQ. Now that the General Elections are coming up we're getting much, much busier.

Recently we've interviewed visiting Ghurka veterans of  the 1982 War. They were lovely people and very happy to be back in the Islands and see how things are here now. They visited the memorials and friends that they haven't seen in 31 years. When I interviewed three of the Ghurkas I was told how it's been like a miracle for them to return to the Islands. This was the first visit since the conflict for most of the group.

Monica has taken well to presenting to the new radio show. Scott had a lovely send off with a meal at the Malvina House Hotel. He hasn't left us for good though, as he'll be popping in on occasion to say hi and to cover the occasional show. Monica's new show, Pick 'n' Mix (you pick them, she'll mix them) seems to be going over well, and it nice to see our Monica more regularly.

The sever winds left a tree blown across the front road last week. It was very quickly moved off the road, but it did cause a good ten minutes of gossip there.

Manager Corina took two weeks holiday, but she's back now, so we again have the full compliment of staff at the station. More driving lessons should be heading my way soon.

I found out what it was like to be on the other side of the microphone, with the added stress of having a camera pointed at me. I've been spending my Friday lunchtimes giving circus skill lessons to students at the Community School and Falkland Islands Television came along to film some of the acitivities. this included my giving FITV presenter Joshua a lesson in poi and explaining the reasons behind my starting the circus sessions.

Some members of staff may be joining the MPA Media Ops crew go-karting this week. It's time for a change of staff there, and this is a lovely way to send them off.

We're currently recording the election candidates manifestos ready for our start of the election coverage. Five candidates for camp and eleven candidates for Stanley means Studio 2 is going to be unavailable for a short while. I'll give you more information about our election coverage when things have been firmed.

So that's our October so far.
Happy Listening :)


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