Friday, 8 November 2013

General Elections 2013

Well what a busy few weeks we've been having. On top of our usual workload we've been preparing for the Falkland Island General Elections 2013. We've been holding public meetings, both in Stanley and out at Goose Green. We've been interviewing all the candidates in the election and we've been preparing for our live coverage of the event.

And now it's all over!

Look at what we saw flying ovehead on our way back into Stanley
A week or so ago I went with Hannah from FITV ( to cover the Goose Green Public Meeting for the Camp Candidates for the Camp Constituency. On our way back to Stanley we were treated to a Typhoon flying overhead. Unfortunately this is the best shot I could get from the car window.

Here is a list of the Election Candidates and the votes cast:

The results of this years General Election

The boxes came in from camp, the counters counted and we interviewed - and in my case, I was interviewee for FITV. We had alovely chat about the media coverage of the run up to the election.

The boxes brought in from Camp and from Stanley

Some of the counters busy at work
Our very own News Editor talking to first time candidate Michael Poole

FITV hard at work, waiting to interview HE the Governor Nigel Haywood
Everyone was eagerly awaiting the results. The closer it got to 10pm
the more people turned up.

It was about 10 o'clock at night when the results came through. It was Chief Executive and Returning Officer Keith Padgett who announced the results.

Stacy Bragger makes sure Returning Officer Keith Padgett is heard live on air.

So we have six re-elected Members of the Legislative Assembly and two new Members. Michael Poole and Phyl Rendall both had an impressive number of votes and all MLAs were sworn into office at the Governor's House earlier today.

Following our busy few days of watching democracy in motion, we have the Remembrance Day Parade this Sunday. I'm always impressed by the turnout at each of the memorial occasions throughout the year here in the Falklands and I expect there to be just as good a turnout this year.

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