Friday, 13 September 2013

Leslie on Lifestyles, MLAs Chat & I Go Driving.

It's been a fairly busy week here at FIRS HQ.

We've had Monica covering the Breakfast Show and Leslie covering Lifestyles. It was Leslie's first week on air and she's done brilliantly. I've been hearing a few compliments around town.

We've had MLA's back from various visits. MLA Sawle is back from meetings in Brazil and Uruguay. He came into the studio to tell us more about that, as did MLA Elsby who was at the recent CPA meeting in South Africa. Good on them, spreading the Falklands message and making contacts.

We've had Fred, from Media Ops up at MPA, visit us in the studio. We were talking about the FIG exercise that's happening next week. Of course we'll tell you more about that after the event. Fred does like to pop in occasionally.

I've been up to the Leisure Centre to talk about the new hot tub and sauna spa experience soon to be available. There's been a bit of controversy about that, as it's included the removal of the toddler pool. I made a few phone calls to local parents to get their views.

The Falklands Conservation Charity Ball is happening soon and they're showing their auction lots at BitterSweet. I went along to the exhibit last night and it was a lovely affair. There are some wonderful pieces up for auction, including two unique reproductions of Captain FitzRoy’s charts from his voyage to the Falkland Islands on HMS Beagle in 1834. These are an Admiralty Chart of the Falkland Islands and FitzRoy’s outline survey of Berkeley Sound that includes FitzRoy’s original notations. Both charts are the only copies to have been reproduced and have been donated by the UK Hydrographic Office. There was also a lot of local artwork, by some very talented local artists. There was a gorgeous painting of the Lady Elizabeth shipwreck on a piece of driftwood that I wouldn't mind owning. I was there, looking around at the lots on offer, with my complimentary bubbly, live acoustic music and chatting to a nice crowd of people, thinking...this is a great job!

Also this week, I had my first driving lesson, given to me by Station Manager Corina. We went out on the roads and I didn't do so bad.


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