Friday, 13 September 2013

The Staff of FIRS

I thought I'd give you an introduction to the full time members of staff here at FIRS HQ.

First of all we have Corina Goss, the Station Controller.

Corina Goss - Station Controller
Falkland Islander Corina is the Manager of Falklands Radio. She began her career in radio (then the Falkland Islands Broadcasting Station) at the tender age of 16 as a part-time presenter. After leaving the Islands for a couple of years to complete her further education in England and then dabbling in the flavours and IT industries, she gained fulltime employment at the station in early 1999 working in the News Room as the Assistant Producer. In 2001 she was promoted to News Editor and in 2005 to Station Manager. Corina loves the challenge and variety that working on local radio offers and when not in her office can be found presenting various shows including "The Morning Experience" and "Solid Rock". Corina is married to David and they have a little boy. When not working she enjoys listening to music (and singing when in the mood), reading, gardening, following local politics and experimenting with her hairstyle!

Next is Programme Controller Liz Elliot.

Liz Elliot - Programme Controller

Liz Elliot is the station’s Programme Controller and presenter of the daily Lifestyle programme, from 10am until 1pm every week day. She started working full time at Falklands Radio (then FIBS – Falkland Islands Broadcasting Service) in 1999 although she first became involved with the station years earlier. When she moved into Stanley from West Falkland as a teenager in the early 1970s she used to help with logging music, filing records and playing music on the weekends to guide the weekly flight in (at the time there was no beacon to guide the aircraft to the Islands, so the radio station output was utilised). She said: “The radio has always been a passion of mine, having lived in an isolated part of the Islands - and often not seeing anyone for month at a time apart from family and the neighbours who lived two miles away, the radio became a real 'friend' and an important part of my life, a link to the outside world.” Before the war of 1982 Liz co-hosted the popular weekly hour long News programme at FIBS with the then Editor of the Falkland Islands Times, Dave Colville. She helped to present a programme with the BFBS presenters who worked from FIBS after the war in 1982, and presented The Folk Music Show with her husband Jock (including live recordings of the folk scene at the time), before starting full time at the Station. Jock has now taken over the reigns – for all of the folk music fans out there. Programme Controller Liz is kept very busy. She said: “I love the work - especially my on-air time. I am lucky to be in a job that I love doing.” Once her daily three hour programme Lifestyle is finished, Liz is responsible for rotas, scheduling and programming.

News Editor Stacy Bragger has also worked at FIRS for a number of years.

Stacy Bragger - News Editor

Stacy started working full-time for Falklands Radio in August 2005 as a Junior Reporter, after a couple of years of working as a freelance presenter. He is now the News Editor and oversees the news output at the studio. Along with Samantha Addison, Stacy conducts interviews, edits them and then goes on air and reads the news, which he says is his least favourite part of the job! The station has hourly news bulletins and Stacy also works on daily feature programs. Stacy enjoys many things about working at FIRS such as the chance to meet new people and find out more about the community, and he also enjoys the unpredictability of his job. “Every day is different and you never know what may come up”, he says. Stacy also hosts an alternative music show on Thursday evenings called ‘The Fusion’. “Music has always been my passion in life so I love having the opportunity to play my favourite songs for two hours every weekend. Also on the show I regularly speak to bands which I really enjoy”, he says.
And finally you have me, Deputy News Editor Samantha Addison.

Samantha Addison - Deputy News Editor

Samantha Addison is Yorkshire through and through, despite being born in Germany. She moved to the Falkland Islands in January 2010, after deciding that the UK city life wasn’t for her. She started work at FIRS in February 2011 as the Junior Reporter and enjoys being able to do different things every day and a job that allows creative thinking. She went to Chester University and gained a BA (Hons) in Advertising and thinks it's great this is useful for working at FIRS. Sam is the one who tends to the FIRS website and updates podcasts. She's usually the one behind the @FalklandsRadio twitter feed and she is also behind the Falklands Radio blog. Sam enjoys reading, films, listening to her eclectic taste in music and practising poi. She can ride a unicycle, make balloon animals and walk on stilts, but she can’t juggle.

We also have lovely Leslie working on reception, but we dont' have a bio or photo of her yet. A little info, she's from Canada, she makes the chocolates at local coffee and chocolate shop BitterSweet and she's just started going on air, which isn't her favourite part of the job. She occasionally brings chocolates into work.

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