Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Catching Up and a Poi Performance

So I returned to work last week after two amazing months on holiday. And what a holiday! If only I could show off my amazing tan to my workmates. Only I don’t have one, but I do have more freckles now!

On Monday I had to catch up with all I’d missed, which was a lot, what with the NatWest Small Island Games being held in Bermuda and a strong Falklands contingent going along to participate. Everyone did really well, with the footballers getting a bronze medal and the small island cup. The Falklands Archery Association went to a competition event in the UK as some events weren’t able to be held in Bermuda. The archery team did very well also, winning a gold medal for the Falkland Islands.

After organising my files and reading two months worth of news, as well as catching up with local gossip, it was then time for me to read the news on air. It seems my accent became thicker during my time in the UK.

Also last week we had a couple of court cases to cover. A Community Service Order was given out to a first time offender. That is one thing with living in the Falkland Islands, you see people repaying their debts to society.

We heard last week that Admiral Sir John “Sandy” Woodward died. It was Admiral Woodward who led Britain’s successful task force to retake the Falkland Islands after the Argentine invasion in 1982. Throughout the last year we have lost Sir Rex Hunt, Baroness Margaret Thatcher and now the Admiral. The loss of people who were so important to the liberation of the Falkland people is felt very keenly here in the Islands.

A public consultation on immigration has started. This is a very important issue right now, especially with the advent of oil. We’re holding a phone-in on the subject next week, which should bring up some interesting discussions.

Also last week I interviewed Leona Roberts and Andrea Barlow about their involvement in GISHWES – The Greatest Scavenger Hunt the World has Ever Seen. It sounds like an amazing thing to be part of and I ended up being a small part as I unintentionally offered to do a short poi performance at a free children’s party they were throwing. The children seemed enthralled with one little girl suggesting that my blue flag poi looked like dolphins.

Nothing much really happened over the weekend. It was quiet out, but enjoyable.

Yesterday News Editor Stacy had the day off so I was by myself in the newsroom. It was a quiet day, which for anyone else might be a good thing, but when you’re trying to write up the news when there isn’t any, it’s a bit difficult to say the least.

And it’s still fairly quiet in the newsroom today. Not least because I have a cold. Scott has changed the competition on his show this week. Other than that – oh and 105 fm going off air – it’s been an easy transition for me, from holiday-mode to work-mode.

 It’s good to be back.


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