Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Our Evening Schedule...just for you.

I've told you what shows there are on Falklands Radio and now I'm giving you the evening schedule.

Falklands Radio starts at 7am with the Breakfast Show, (followed by The Morning Experience and the Request Show) when we switch over from BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service) and we then broadcast until 1pm when we revert back to BFBS. We go live again at 4pm, and have our various evening shows until 10pm, when we again switch back to BFBS. Depending on what events there are on, we may stay on air for longer, such as the annual Falklands Radio Cash Bash - a live radio auction where you can pay to play the song (or songs) of your choice.

For your listening pleasure:

For those not in the Falkland Islands, you can find out what the time difference is here:


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