Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Welcome to Falklands Radio.

I'm going to start this blog by giving an insight into the workings of Falklands Radio.
So, first we have the Station Controller, Corina Goss. We also have Liz Elliot who is the Programme Controller. The news team consists of News Editor Stacy Bragger and Deputy News Editor Samantha Addison. Stacy and Sam have been known to cause confusion as their names aren’t always seen as representing their gender. It can be funny. Finally we have the Admin/Receptionist Leslie Knight. Out of the five full time staff members, only Leslie and Sam are not originally from the Islands, but have chosen to make their home there.

Our website has a short bio on each staff member. Take a look at www.firs.co.fk. You can also see the history of the station there. A short history, however, goes like this:

Broadcasting Service started in 1929 with a wired Rediffusion system was established. This was known as ‘The Box’. Loudspeakers in listener’s homes were connected by overhead wires directly to an amplifier at the studio.

Outlying farms used telephone lines, many getting their first radio experience. Broadcast reception was on short wave and medium wave. Gramophone records, local news and the odd occasional programme kept interest up. The first wireless broadcasting came in 1942, and in 1954 a 5kw medium wave transmitter was installed.

From 1929 to 1955 the radio headquarters were on Ross Road, before moving to our current location on John Street. From 1977 to 1999 Patrick Watts was the first full time Broadcasting Officer, even broadcasting live when the Islands were invaded by the Argentine Government in 1982 (The audio of that is worth a listen). The radio was able to relay vital information on the curfews and blackouts. Following the war VHF transmitters were used and now we have Island-wide coverage.

In 2005 the Falkland Islands Broadcasting Service (FIBS) became the Falkland Islands Radio Service (FIRS) and left Government ownership, now being managed by the Media Trust.

The freelance presenters include Liz Roberts, Scott Betts, Myriam Booth, Monica Limburn, Jason Lewis, Layla Crowie, Leona Roberts, Trina Berntsen, and Jock Elliot. Between them we have a radio station that provides music of all genres to people of all ages. Our shows include:

The Breakfast Show – A random mix of music to wake up to.
The Morning Experience – Happy tunes along with some local, historical facts.
The Request Show – Songs requested for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc.
The Jukebox – Recent releases for the younger crowd.
Simply Classical – With guest presenters (even Governor Nigel Haywood has a go).
The Folk Music Show – Music for the Island folk.
The Chart Show – Every station has a chart show…right?
The Vinyl Frontier – Older songs for anyone who enjoys them.
Soul, Blue and Rock ‘n’ Roll – Does what it says on the tin.
Hits of the 80s and 90s – Also does what it says on the tin.
The Best Of – Ranging from ‘Best of 51’ to ‘Best of the Beatles’, anything goes.
The Fusion – If you like lesser known, alternative bands, this is the show for you.
Pot Luck – Who knows what you might hear during this show.
Children’s Corner – Fancy listening to Nellie the Elephant or the Tweenies?
Slow Jams – Chill out to some great music.
Saturday Night Fever – Whether staying in or going out, these upbeat tunes get you dancing.

The news team report on local and international events. From occasions such as Stanley House Open Day to receptions at Government House, all local events are covered. When members of the tourism industry go to international conferences, we interview them afterwards. The recent NatWest Small Island Games were held in Bermuda and saw a strong party of Falklands athletes attend and compete. We had live coverage, phone interviews and written updates on what was occurring. Radio staff commentate live at balls (the May Ball, the Conservation Charity Ball etc) and at parades (Liberation Day Parade, Battle Day etc) and at other events that may be of interest to our listeners. We air the Darts tournament live, for which we have some wonderful people who voluntarily commentate for us.

So there you go. A quick introduction to Falklands Radio and what we do here. If you’re interested in listening you can visit us at www.firs.co.fk or go to http://tunein.com/station/?StationId=111551. And as with everyone these days, we have our twitter account @FalklandsRadio.

Happy listening.


Falklands Radio HQ on John St.

The previous FIRS logo, designed by a student
at the Falkland Islands Community School.

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