Tuesday, 27 August 2013

More Interviews, Less Staff

Over the last week there has been snow, wind and some extra wind. And rain.

We've had MLA Jan Cheek in the studio giving us a round up of Executive Council. We had this quarter's Legislative Assembly, which we broadcast live. Either Stacy or myself sits in there and keeps an eye on the levels, the equipment and is set to make sure everything is turned off when the meeting is over. During this LegAssy (as it's know here at FIRS), MLA Roger Edwards changed from a black tie to a pink tie on the decision to not have the Road Designation Bill read for a third time. Roads are a massive issue here in the Falklands. Seriously...just ask anyone.

Mark Bechard, a Professor at Boise State University in Idaho, America came into the studio. He's currently in the Islands doing a project with Falklands Conservation on Johnny Rooks, otherwise known as the Striated Caracara. After being stranded on Saunders Island due to the weather, he made it into FIRS HQ to talk to us about his project. His interview is available on podcast, www.firs.co.fk.

Also popping for a visit this week was Senior Agricultural Advisor Andy Pollard. We had a little goodbye interview, where he told us the hightlights of his time with the Department of Agriculture. We had a nice chat, then talked a little bit about holidays. Because I've not quite come down from my holiday high yet.

We're very short staffed at FIRS at the moment. Leslie is due back next week and Liz has just gone on her holiday. I didn't realise the phone rang so much. It's gratifying to know how many people listen in and want requests.

It's not been such a quiet week this week. We are, however, building up to the elections. That'll be keeping us busy for a while.

And that's what's been happening at the FIRS HQ this week.


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