Thursday, 22 August 2013

Fabian Picardo, Snow and Exams

So this week has been very cold. And fairly busy.

First of all there wasn't much news. This always makes the news team rather frustrated as you actually have to work harder for no result when there's no news. People say 'oh, but that's a good thing'. Maybe for everyone else, but no so for us. How can we report when there is nothing to report?

Still, there were a couple of court sessions last week, as well as this week. There were various charges in court this week. And mostly they are on-going cases right now so we'll leave it at that.

Our very own New Editor Stacy managed to get an interview with Gibraltar's Chief Minister Fabian Picardo last week. We were all very impressed here at the station. Of course the hassle that Gibraltar are getting from Spain right now really strikes a cord with us here in the Falklands. More than one comparison has been drawn on the Falklands/Argentina, Gibraltar/Spain issues.

Since I've taken back over the @FalklandsRadio twitter account it's sadly lacking a lot of the spark that @MrSJPBetts gave it. But then I am busy doing other work, as well as the Twitter account. Hopefully I'll get better at it, and manage to steal a bit more time for it.

The military at MPA are doing routine exercises this week. One live firing exercise went wrong and some military guy recieved a gunshot wound to the leg. He's ok, so that's good.

I was at Government House last Wednesday, helping celebrate Falkland's Day. The reception was held to honour the occasion of John Davis on the ship Desire, finding the Falkland Islands in 1592. Some of the oldest Falkland families were invited. I went along to report and enjoyed myself thoroughly. I chatted to His Excellency the Governor Nigel Haywood about my holiday, and we chatted a bit about driving on the wrong side of the road.

We broadcast the Legislative Assembly live this morning. It's normally my role to sit in and keep an eye on the equipment and to make sure we're not on air when the meeting is over. Today I got to go talk to the kids who received their GCSE results. There were some spectacular results for the Community School.

And of course it's been snowing most of this week. The temperature has dropped to just 3 degrees celsius. I find this most frustrating as I had hoped my holiday would have made me miss the worst of the winter weather. At least the studios and newsroom are nice and warm. My radiator was fixed whilst I was away. This pleases me a great deal.


Today's snowy weather. Can't wait to see this months
weather report from the MPA Met Office.

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